Saturday, June 8, 2013

The stunnery of Paul Klee

The painting shown below is by Paul Klee is titled Red Balloon and it was painted in 1923. It is oil on muslim primed with chalk. Once again, I like the raw edginess of the whited colours, the black lines, the blocked in colours. The muted yellows, greens, purples, and the odd splodges of red. Effect is added in that some of the background shows through: the chalky base can be seen in places. Klee had an obvious natural ability as a painter and was a natural with colour. This work whispers with an acute rawness and emotion. The colours are vibrant and the reds glow. The placement of the line work is thoughtful, and a limited amount of black has been used. A feeling of specialness pervades the centre, an editing out, which is something I enjoy doing with my own work! Love the shine of the reds on the balloon!