Thursday, February 10, 2011

There are no jobs, Mr Key...

Why did we bother changing the government, I often wonder. What with the smacking referendum being ignored, the ETS being shafted upon us, the EFA being re-done, and the unemployed now being blamed for their often blameless situation (as in, just where are the jobs?),  I really do feel as though I blew my vote.

The jobs are just not there, and the few that remain often receive hundreds of applicants. Just ridiculous. Where's the empathy from John and Bill now, the empathy I thought I saw while they sat on the Opposition benches. Long gone, that's where. The low-paid get almost no tax-breaks, while the wealthy are continually rewarded. What ever happened to my block of cheese, I wonder? So much for a brighter future, smaller government, or fairness and transparency...utter disappointment this watery government and it's photo-obsessed leader.

Still, once bitten, twice shy. I won't be voting for purpled, deaf National come November. And where to turn this year? In one word; Winston, The stark and obvious choice.

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  1. So true. They're just all the same, on your side while in Oppostion, against you when they're not. The blame game, as usual. I wouldn't trust Winston though, don't forget, the 'baubles of office.'


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