Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring back the BBC, 80's and 90's TV dramas/comedy, absolutely top shelf.

Having no interest in the myriad range of reality TV shows on offer, I have invested in some nostalgia TV on DVD. The BBC have a brilliant back catalogue to choose from, wow, what a huge selection. Once upon a time, television absolutely rocked! One of myall-time favourites has to be the Inspector Morse series, because it's so very watchable. I've never been much of a crime nor a who-dunnit buff, but I enjoy this series for its all-round quality. First off, the wrting is excellent, I love the ascerbic but interesting character of the title character, Chief Inspector Morse, such dry wit. He is not married, a classical music buff (like myself), and often spouts obscure bits of poetry. Once an Oxford man, with a first name he refuses to use and for much of the series, keeps a mystery. In stark contrast, his sidekick, Sargeant Lewis is a cricket-loving family man, who would rather spend an evening watching Coronation Sreet than attending the opera. The English locations are gorgeous, and I would be remiss not to mention Morse's very sleek, collectable, wine-red Jaguar. Often there is a small love interest (normally coming to nothing), and the dialogue is well-rounded and clever. I have picked up Inspector Morse on DVD from the Warehouse for as little as $15.00 (five episodes), this is fantastic value for money. As the promo says, you don't just watch Inspector Morse, you live it', it's just that kind of show. It's so witty and insightful in its writing. There is nothing on TV today remotely like it. The production values are almost faultess, along with many other BBC series of that era.

Other favourites of mine are One Foot In the Grave (Í don''t beeelieve it!), Waiting For God, Tenko, To The Manor Born, Are You Being Served, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses, To The Manor Born,, Porridge, Dad's Army, Upstairs, name but a few! What a huge back catalogue. Amazing. Such a stark contrast to the **** of today on TV. BBC or otherwise.

Why the BBC produce this type of progamme today? It's all about dumbed down TV reality shows, endless cooking, games or chat shows. Dumb and dumber. TV has had several golden eras and the BBC of the 80's/90's was one of them. At least these wonderful programmes are now available on DVD, and the drivel on TV can be turned off, and BBC TV, clever, well-written, humorous, real, very well acted, great characterisation ,(without being reality, or so called),etc, can be shown. Nostalgic, wonderful, entertaining! Thanks, BBC. The golden years!


  1. And of course Yes Minister, don't forget that!

  2. I could never really get into Yes Minister, a definate aquired taste, witty and dry, but not so much my cup of tea. Have to be in the moond.


  3. Inspector Morse was ITV and not BBC. Still marvelous though.

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, Anon. Marvellous, indeed!


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