Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm voting for the Kiwi Party next year.

My vote (and all electoral energies) are going to go to the Kiwi Party next year, as they have done an admirable job of trying to uphold our democracy over the smacking referendum result. National and Key have no right ignoring the people's voice on this, and it beggars belief that they think they disappointing. Old news maybe, but far too important to forget or let go. Democracy, democracy... or is it?

Also, the Kiwi Party is founded upon Christian of the few left here in NZ, sadly. Is this being reflected in our crime rate, high unemployment and poverty levels, our general social ills?

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  1. Good for you girl, good for you. Let's give the Socialists heaps. National will win in a shoo-in, but they won't have our votes.


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