Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parliament, live...!

Watching Question Time live is far more fun than watching it broadcasted. To be there in person, to see the debate as it happens, the voices loud and clear, the fun, the camardarie, the jeckling, heckling, interjections, to see our representatives face to face. And completely free, except for my time. Really impressed with how well National handle the questions posed to them. Talk about live theatre. Lovely surroundings, love the history involved. Great fun, and definately not a waste of time.

Now for the museum...Wellington is indeed the best little capital around. Having not being down here for eight years or so, it's refreshing to visit again. So much on offer, yet tranquil and quaint. Love it, including the surrounding hills and suburbs, and such a contrast to glittering, sprawling, sometimes chaotic, Auckland. Supercity? Sometimes. It  often depends on the suburb, the beach, the day, the event, the mood, etc.

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