Friday, December 31, 2010

Raving it up at the New Lynn RSA.

I just love my local RSA, and as always, they put on a really good 'do' tonight. A terrific band playing authentic Rock and Roll, great company, food and half-price drinks. What better way to see in the New Year, may I ask? There were some great 60's outfits being worn, and the night was jitterbugged away. New Lynn rocks, it has a totally '60's feel about it, and call me an old fogie, but the NL RSA is as good as anywhere. Nice people, great times. The Te Atatu RSA isn't bad either, and the meals and drinks are even cheaper that at New Lynn, though I find the atmosphere more low-key, let's just say it's not quite as bubbly, in my humble opinion. Still a good place to visit though, and the food is really good. I recommend the steak burger adn the myriad selection of yummy salads.

Before midnight we whipped down to the waterfront to watch the fireworks display from Okahu Bay, magnificent, and well worth the traffic queues afterwards. Made me feel proud to be an Aucklander. What a jewel of a city it is, and especially at night. Happy New Year, NZ! I'm not missing Facebook at all, by the way. (New Year's resolution No 1 - stay off Facebook. Blogs are so much more fun)! Roll on 2011, may it be a cracker. An added bonus already - election year. Bring it on. Delicious! Lolly-scambles galore? Or not? Either way, can't wait for the usual electoral hullabaloo. Always fun, especially for a politicial junkie like myself. Let the games begin!

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