Saturday, January 8, 2011

Key country, aka, Helensville, I just love New Zealand so much.

At the risk of this sonding like a travel blog, I wish to comment on some of the places I have been visiting of late. John Key's electorate of Helensville is always worth a weekend visit. It is a lovely quaint little town, full of interesting boutqiue type shops, yet more Colonial buildings (as is Puhoi), and interesting, friendly locals. It's also a lovely, coutry drive from Auckland, down the North Western motorway, through Kumeu, and Huapai. And on that note, I have always wondered why Key is the MP for Helensivlle, yet his office is in Huapai. You can't miss his office though, there is a huge smiling picture of Key's face adnorning the place.

Anyway, Helensville, Keysville, whatever, a very nice, unique place. Try the Tilly and Lace shop, it's gorgoues, everything lacy and feminine and just gorgeous. At the top of the shopping village is an art gallery, a second hand bookshop and a great cafe, all combined into the one. Serves great coffee, the books are dirt-cheap $5.00 to $8.00 each, generally, the art is interesting, and the service is with a mile. Also on offer are printed scarfes and hand-made quilts.

I would love to stay in the local B and B sometime, and I would be remiss not to mention the old cinema, complete with a cool curiosity shop, that sells, amongst other things, retro movie daybills. A guy called John runs this, an Elam art school graduate, and he is very interesting to talk to, has great knowledge about his wares. Especaily the movie memorabellia.

Even when going to Orewa and beyond, I usually drive there via Westgate and Riverhead, as I just love the painterly, delightful scenery. Helensville is like a much larger Puhoi, heaps to see and do, and all set amongs rolling green hills. Awesome. And those National voters are just so friendly.

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