Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rental Chaos in Supercity land, (and elsewhere).

Tried renting a home lately? What a nightmare. I have been looking for a two to three bedroom place in West Auckland, and the going is really really tough. Everything available is snapped up really fast, and yet, I've seen nothing but pretty depressing dumps, with large price tags attached. And as usual, no pets, rah, rah, rah. My cats have to be rehomed, sadly. I wonder, how many families with kids are going to end up in relatives garages, or worse, with absolutely nowhere to go at all. What has caused the problem, outside of the recession. Where have all the rentals gone to? It would seem, many landlords are cashing up their own home, and moving back into their rentals. Landlords can no longer claim losses on depreciation, Homes are also taking longer to sell, it would seem, so this must be a factor also. Luckily for my family and I, we have a friend who is letting us move into their soon-to-be empty apartment in Te Atatu South, but without this avenue, my family and I would be well and truly up the creek, without a paddle, or should I say, home. What can the govt do to help this dire situation, and how much worse will it get from here, I wonder? Much worse before it gets better, I bet. Much, much worse. Scary indeed. And not to mention, very, very expensive for what you get! Ouch!

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