Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheers to Wills and Catherine!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the televised spetacle, and didn't it all go off without a hitch? She looked amazing, relaxed and enjoying herself, and her dress was beautiful. Somewhat understated, yet beautiful and elegant. Prince William, cool, calm and collected, and obviously enjoying it all. (I didn't saw a glimpse of the NZ PM). Her Majesty looked marvellous in her canary yellow. What well behaved Royal horses as well. They are truly bomb-proof! The ceremony itself was awesome, and I loved watching the pomp and ceremony of it all. The crowds too, how excited and proud. The only sad part being, of course, that the wonderful Princess Diana could not be there to share in her son's special day. I'm sure she would have been  completely over the moon, for both of them. Tears.

Good on the Royal couple,  an event worth waiting for. And best of luck to them for the future. Bottoms up. A very cool Royal do. Absolutely stirling!

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