Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GST and Petrol rises, really hurting.

I'm learning to be a homebody. With petrol and food prices going through the roof, it makes sense to spend more time at home, less time in the car. With a good book/DVD collection, why go out to the movies. I've made my own little cinema at home. This probably sounds a bit boring, but a movie plus petrol is at least a $30.00 outing. Now, that $30.00 buys quite a bit of food.

Reading for pleasure is an enjoyable and intelligent thing to do, as long as one is picky over what they choose to read. My favourite authors are Doris Lessing, Ruth Rendell, Janet Frame, Stephen King, Ruth Rendell, P D James, George Orwell, E M Forster, Jane Austen, and a whole host of others, including the Bible and bible commentary.

One can also get into crafts at home, such as drawing/painting, needle crafts, etc, baking, creating, clay modelling, whatever. At least this is creative. And once again, it costs very little, especially if the materials needed are brought over time. The local library is another good option, with DVD and CD collections, an enormous range of books on all subjects, CD Roms, etc, etc. It's good to get away from the internet too.

Going for walks and outings to local parks is another good freebie to be had. Take  a picnic, and the cost is just about nil, especially if the park is near your front door.

I'm staying away from malls, shops, cafes and the like for now. Perhaps boring, but it won't kill me....saving those pennies for a rainy day. The cost of petrol, I just can't believe it. Frigging scary. My car is no longer my baby nor my friend, much as I love the freedom owning a set of wheels can offer!

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