Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cool book - Key To Victory

Whilst browsing in my local library the other day, I came across a very interesting book - Key To Victory, which is an overview of the 2008 NZ General election, with contributions by well-known political commentators/analysts such as Colin James, Therese Arseneau, to name a couple, as well as summations from various and well-known MPs. Most of all, I enjoyed the sections about the strategies the different parties used, and why they succeded or failed, and the scandals that cropped up/crept in.

There are sections on the role the media had to play, what role the NZ political blogosphere had to play (and the difference they made, if any, to the outcome), the campaigns of the main players and perspectives from the political parties themselves. As an added bonus is a DVD, with highlights such as all the TV/Youtube debates, the campaign billboards, the TV ad campaigns, and more.

Really enjoyed this book, and the DVD also. It was fascinating watching the debates again, with the benefit of hindsight. Being able to fast forward, backtrack, and pause is always a good thing.  No annoying ad breaks either, a bonus.

Published by Victoria University Press, published in 2010, edited by Stephen Levine and Nigel S Roberts.  This is a very interesting and insightful read/watch/flick-through. Highly recommended as fine fodder for any dedicated politico.

I'm so glad it's election year; the result may be a foregone conclusion (but who knows, there's always the element of the unknown/surprise), but whatever the outcome, they're always of great interest and fun. Roll on!

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