Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moved house, online at last. Yay!

It's so nice to be connected to the global village once again. Having a computer without the internet is akin to having a car without wheels. Can't go anywhere, stuck in a timewarp. So, it's nice to be connected again, and to get back to writing here, when I can. Now that I'm studying full-time for a degree in Sociology, my time is going to be limited. I enjoy blogging though, and it's something that does not take long.

Having spent a month off-line, as I admit, I am no electronic boffin (in setting up the  blasted thing, found help at last! Yes, I'm hopeless with gadgets at times!), I have really missed my on-line fixes, including the political blogosphere. It's annoying relying only on the printed word for latest events/ commentary, because it's so slanted and limited. Having missed all the latest political online hullabaloo, I am now in catch-up mode. Put simply, I could hug my internet, and my kind helper.Yipee! Now to the blogs...this could take a while...


  1. Greetings from USA! Your blog is really cool.
    Are you living in New Zealand?
    You are welcomed to visit me at:

  2. Yep, Kiwiland is slang for NZ. Thanks for your encouragement, and kind words. Cheers!


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