Friday, July 15, 2011

Why I've stopped reading the papers

I have stopped reading the daily papers/watching the news etc because all the rotten, violent news it's jam-packed with make me feel ashamed to be a Kiwi. For example; a nine year old girl attacked by a group of drunken men, a two year old girl given a hell life and then finally killed by her own mother (kicked around like a soccer ball), yet another murder case going through the courts (with the victim's body dismembered and found in plastic containers in the Waitakeres)....not to mention the abused dog (ears-cut off), the kitten that was stomped to death in front of a child.....and we're meant to be civilised. Yeah right. Shame. Absolute, mind-boggling shame.

No more daily news for me, I'm fed up with it. The animal kingdom puts our society to shame. Reading the news of violent, dark little NZ is like watching a horror movie coming to life. Just how and when did we get to such undiluted depravity? So much for clean, green, safe and desirable NZ. When you look beneath the gloss....and you don't have to look far...there's a far darker, uglier tale to be told. How sad that all of it is truth rather than ficiton. More than just cringe-factor. I for one am so sick of the let's have another report phase...yeah right. Talk about brushed under the carpet and swept out of mindsight.

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