Friday, September 30, 2011

I'll never vote Brash

With Brash's latest outburst, that's the deathknell for me on Act. This guy just seems to put his foot in it, he's made for gaffes. Dopey, dopey, dopey. Is there any hope left? Politics 101, never ever say what you realliy think! This election is going to be a bore, a foregone conlusion and even a bit of a yawn, detainately overshadowed by the RWC, no matter what the outcome, and a PM popular to boot, entrenched.
Yawn. Even the billboards are dull so far, especially from the Nats. Can't they be more imaginative?
2014 will be more exciting, what with the economic storm clouds sill looming...! At at least we have the rugby to sidetrack us froml the more imortant issues...maybe Don was just trying to install some excitement into the mix? Well, he did, for five minutes, anyway.

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