Wednesday, January 11, 2012

just reading in the Herald today about a gang of kids, some as young as six, running amok in Featherston through the day and night, vandalising the town and scaring old folk. FFS. Is this for real? Even worse, the police cannot seem to contain them and the local authorities report that they are taking a 'holistic approach'.

And herein lies part of the problem. What kind of a namby pamby new-agey response is that? No wonder this country is fast going down the gurgler. Yes, it's partly the parents fault, but don't blame on the problem on the lack of clean sheets or the lack of three solid meals a day. Blame the gangs of kids also.

A child at the age of six/gangs of kids, runnong amok in NZ. Sends shivers down my spine at how spineless, hand-wringing and weak the so-called authorities in this country are. No wonder teachers face a hail of abuse in the classroom every day, when we have mere innocents, in our towns, our streets, wrecking havoc on the elderly, asking for money, pilfering, etc. Is this why thousands of New Zealand soldiers died in the two world wars? I sincerely hope not. What a sad, and sadistic little isle we seem to have become, when it is the children who rule the roost and are allowed to go, and stay, feral. And what a dire reflection on what was once a great, God-fearing nation. Who would have thought?

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