Thursday, March 28, 2013

from worker to student

Undertaking a three year, full time degree, is just like having a full time job. With practical work to be done daily, from drawing to painting to back again, to research, to lectures and then to essays on artists of interest, it is not dull. You are excepted to attend full time, axcepted to be fully researching, exprected to be in your studio space often. Fair enough, and what I want to do, but it is quite a big mouthful to chew., I can see that the course is going to stretch me, stretch my work, make me look at my painting more objectively and with added/ altered interest. The research side is fun, as it is a subject I love, and am excited about. An looking at the workds of Cezanne, Miro and Pollock at the moment, then will move on to more contemporary artists. Loving it, love the challenge, and love feeling satisifed at  the end of every day. A creative blessing to be there!!

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