Monday, March 11, 2013

this is now my art blog!

for the arts only, and as I am studying visual arts full time, I don't have the time nor inclination anymore, for the annoying world of politics Having lots of essays to write as well as paintings to paint etc, I may just have time, to blog on the arts, and that is my first passion. I will leave the politics for those in the know.

Loving the three year course so far, such satisfaction in studying painting from top to bottom and back again. It's very intensive, with lots of writing assignments as well as practical ones. Much time for self-directed learning though, and a very awesome studio space, so I feel blessed re this. I intend to refine and rebuild my work, almost starting again. Although now in middle age, I feel that I have only just brushed the surface when it comes to my painting, and that formal study will help me enormously: on my own I feel lost. Higher education, in art, can only surely help me to improve me and my art. I hope so. The canon of artists is never-ending and very exciting. I am excited by both modern and traditional painting and am looking forward to exploring both. This will be a life journey, and is something I have always longed to do....heaven!

I am really keen to see where this degree will take me, and what I will learn about myself, and most of all, will I ever sell a painting or actually get to work in the world of art? Who knows? But I will enjoy the passage, and I intend to make the most of every last minute!! The studio is now my second (or first?) home!!

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