Thursday, April 25, 2013

by the people, for the people, yeah right. Democracy a truly dead duck...

I will be a non voter in the future, I an fed up with how undemocratic New Zealand's Parliament has become. So a handful of MPs think they know better than the population of NZ on social issues, and once again have rushed through thoroughly bad law.  Gay marriage is now legal. The debate has been minimal, and the consequences will be far-reaching. No wonder a million enrolled voters every election, are not bothering to turn out to vote.  It seems that those representing our Parliament are not interested into listening to all of the voices of the people they are supposed to represent, but just its own progressive and frankly, anti Christian agenda. There were a few MPs with the integrity to want a binding referendum on the polarising issue. This was the only fair way. So, traditional marriage has been unsurped and man's law rathe rthan God's law is the order of the day. They harped on about equality and tolerance, but were not open to those opposed having an equal say. This is not the true meaning of tolerance.

The average Kiwi was left voiceless and powerless. Colin Craig or Winston Peters are now the only viable options for a truly Conservative vote. Just like with the anti-smacking bill, a bunch of we know best politiicans have run roughshod over Kiwiland. Why am I not surprised. So much for serving the people. More like serving the hard left agenda. Hope that National truly get punished at the polls next year, Key is an absolute sellout. Why is National stepping ever more to the Left? Next yar may many more people not bother to vote, it has become a farcical, empty exercise. No, the House of Representatives do not know best.

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