Thursday, December 23, 2010

De-Facebooked, forever.

Having deactivated my Facebook acconnt awhile aback now, (not for the first time, though, I'm sorry to say), I am this time around not missing it at all.  Tired of all the inane commenting, by both myself and others, for me, it became a dangerous drug. This sounds over-dramatic, but I was a Facebook freak for far too long.. I have finally realised what a huge time-zapper it can be, and just how empty it is, although sometimes it had its uses. Celebrity pages are the most interesting, but can be static, and often a one-way event. I just don't see the point in having loads of 'friends' who I've never even met, and I'd rather meet the ones I do have face to face over coffee, etc. Does the technical world have to take away everything that was face to face, for real, and in the moment? Nope. Far nicer to see people in the flesh, to see their facial expressions, to have a laugh with them, to enjoy their actual company. I have avowed not to return to the drug of Facebook, and its one New Year's resolution I intend to keep. Also gives me more time for reading books, writing letters, doing art, hanging out with the family, watching movies, cooking, etc, etc, etc. Social networking. I'm over it!

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