Sunday, December 19, 2010

Working Mum versus Stay At Home Mum, guilt still rules

Having tried it both ways when my kids were really small, staying at home full time, against working four full days a week, it's really hard to be guilt free either way. With working, you feel like you're leaving the raising of your littlie's to others, missing out on magic moments, on quantity rather than just quality time, whereas staying at home is far more relaxing I found, lovely having all that time on your hands with your babes, but the guilt remains; no longer are you earning money so you have no right to the usual little treats, no one thanks you for what you do (not that they often did in the workplace either, and there is less of a feel-good, achieiving, I-can-do-this job, and love it, factor. But at the end of hte day, I think there can be a balance; work part time, work from home, work when the kids are in school. Overall, staying at home with the kids was the best choice, and I would hate to get back onto the working full time and mothering treadmill, now. Their smiling faces have been worth it, and the time just goes so fast.....teenagers soon....a whole new ballgame....or not! Support groups like Mainly Music, coffee mornings etc, was really great, the mums very relaxed and friendly, when I was staying at home. I am happy not to return to the corporate world, they don't and will never ever understand the plight of the working Mum!

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