Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, One and All

I love this time of year, and what it is meant to stand for. Merry Christmas to the few who follow this page and the many who do not. Oh well! So nice to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and what he stood/stands for. Wonderful to come to the end of the year and to have the time, hopefully, to reflect upon the past twelve months. For myself it has been a rather turbulent but also an enriching time. My design course has now been completed and I can move on from there. Good, but a sigh of relief, too. It was a slog at the end, I have to say.

More importantly though, it has been a good, fulfulling year with my family and friends, my two lovely boys, but very sad re the Miners and the Christchurch earthquake. Makes one take stock and reflect upon the smallness of our seemingly large problems, and the fact of how every day, how lucky and blessed we are, just to live in this lovely land. Blessings, New Zealand, and best wishes for 2011. Merry Christmas. God Bless. Family time is the best.

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