Tuesday, December 14, 2010

European Masters Exhibition at Te Papa Museum, Wellywood. Awesome and awesomer!

A favourite...Mothehood...or Ín the hammock''
Really enjoyed the European Masters Exhibition currently showing at Te Papa. There are a wide range of paintings on display, including some Monets, Degas and a Picasso or two, plus of course, a whole range of others. The variety on show is really interesting, and its amazing to see the works in real life. The show is well curated, and the information available about each painting and painter is in-depth and varied. It's a show that needs a good couple of hours to take in, or a return visit or two. The entry fee was $18.00 for a student, $28.00 unsubsidised, not bad at all. I have been having a rest from painting of late, have been feeling all painted out, but seeing this exhibition has gotten me all fired up again. Wellington is these days a very cool place; arty, cultural, character-filled, pretty.  Glad I drove from Auckland rather than flew, travelling via Whanganui and New Plymouth, talk about grand scenery; summer lights on the greens of the rolling hills; just beautiful and crying out to be rendered on canvas! Sometimes there is nothing quite like the freedom of the open road, with time and space and the beauty of choices, on one's hands. The only snag was, as Auckland drew closer I became melancholy and sad...why are the end of holidays so depressing?.Back to reality can be the absolute pits! But oh, what fun was had, loved it, every moment...highly recommend the outer Northern suburbs of Wellington as well. what happening place...variety galore.

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