Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little bit of be born female, for a start...

Personally, in the gender debate, or what is left of it, I feel that these days it is luckier to be born female. Women have as many if not more opportunities than men in this day and age, can have the joy of childbearing/birth/raising firsthand, can still work, study, and play. Yes, we can have it all. Also there is the fun of wearing the more colourful and daring fashions, a myriad arrange of cosmetics (not my scene though), and quite often, I believe, a far more artistic and emotional kind of mind/thinking. Not that men don't raise children of course or for that matter don't wear make-up, lovely clothes, but these things is and will always be, more a womans'' domain. Being female does not tie one to the kitchen sink, though if we didn't cook and clean (whatever our gender) we would live in squalor and starve)...sometimes it is necessary and even of course, enjoyable...

It's a good era to be a woman, as the female leaders of our time have proven. Ciest La Vie! I would love to see NZ have another highly versatile, deep thinking, with a genuine smile, female PM!

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