Monday, December 27, 2010

Travelling South...

Golden Rule Number One when travelling South, Auckland to Rotorua, - always check that there is no special event on (stock car racing,in this case), so that you don't arrive in the evening to find every room in the place completely booked out! I never normally book Rotorua because of the myriad choice of motels/hotels/bed and breakfasts'etc, and at Christmas time, it is normally fairly quiet Not this time, worst luck! Arrived in the pouring rain, in the evening, tired and hungry, to find the annoying No Vacancy sign flashing at every single inn. Fun indeed, not! Was almost going to go on to Taupo out of desperation, but as Taupo was not my intention, I decided there just had to bee a room left. After much door-knocking and enquiring, around nine o''clock at night I managed to grab the very last room available at the Heritage Hotel (paid more than I would have liked, but it was that or the car.). So, there is a lesson learned. Book ahead, always! Always, always,always. Never, ever assume! Anyway, it's a lovely hotel, with great amenities and a scrumptious, cooked breakfast was thrown in. Very nice of them. I will be forever grateful, not only for the breakfast, but for the last room, I''m sure, in the entire town!

Rotorua is a magical place. Spiritual, cultural, fun and with the most unique, gorgoeus scenery. Also, I enjoy its touristy hullabaloo. I enjoy Hamilton too, but more for the shops and hte city hub feel. Soaking in the bubbles in the hotel spa was wonderful, and well worth the drive through blinding rain, which came out of nowhere.

Happy New Year, holiday joy., The beach is out for me at this time of year, just cannot stand the chaotic queues of traffic. Free flow all the way down South, wonderbar.

Kia Ora....and cheers. Rotorua absolutely rocks, with a unique sparkle and zest all of its own.. Champion. Rain or shine, it's lovely to be here!

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