Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cats, and kittens, birds and fish...

While I meant to attend Phil Goff's State of the Nation speech (just for the fun of it, and because I live nearby to the New Lynn venue ), I ended up drivng my kids out to the SPCA instead, where for the paltry sum of $50.00 (half price at the moment, a summer special...), we adopted ourselves a cat. The staff and volunteers out there were really friendly and helpful, and there were some very cute kitties and cats available for adoption. Being a busy mum and part-time student, I decdied to go for a cat rather than a kitten, just seemed wiser especially as we already have a fully grown moggie. Anyway, we ended up with a lovely slinky, fluffy, dark brown female feline, with enormous yellow eyes. She is gentle and shy, and sweet natured. Settled in in no time at all, and is vice free.

So, my eldest son, an absolute animal-lover, now has two cats, two budgies and several fish. Fun indeed. Yep, he is really devoted, despite the work involved...might have to move to a farm...yes, how I wish!...Adopting a cat or kitten from the SPCA...recommended. The kids really enjoyed seeing the animals, choosing a pet, finding a name, settling her in, saving a life, and having a new animal friend. Purrfect.

Roll on Parliament though, I can't wait for the House debates to resume, this political junkie is feeling rather so glad it's election year, an added bonus.

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