Saturday, January 22, 2011

I cannot bring myself to vote National, either.

I had really high hopes when the Key-led National party took office in 2008. All I can say is those high hopes were very soon dashed. Yet another leader who does not listen to majority view, does not follow through on several key (pardon the pun) pre-election promises, (or changes them) and possibly has a hidden agenda. Key is also far more Left than Right centred, in my opinion, which seems strange when he is leading a centre-right (supposedly) Party. At least Labour never pretended to be anything but Left, or centre-Left. Whichever. Key is far too focused on being Mr Popular rather than Mr Do-The-Right-Thing, he seems to test the wind before he acts, quite often shifting his views, depending on bow the wind blows, according to the polls.  He ignores referendums, especially controversial ones.Where is the vision and the backbone? Is National all about John Key and not much else? Is it all about the photo ops, the being in the limelight? Where is the substance, the heart, the courage of his and National's convictions?

So, I won't be voting blue this year. Possibly I won't vote at all, or possibly will vote for NZ First (at least Winston offers true points of difference), or the Kiwi Party, who have done well re the referendum on the draconian, anti-democratic and anti-family Anti Smacking Rucus.

I am looking forward to this year's election, just because I always find it enjoyable, but I just don't have great expectations anymore. One and the same, whatever the name. So disappointing, that 'brighter future' certainly faded fast. Smile and Wave, wave and smile, but don't rock the boat, whatever you do. Don't make the changes so badly needed.Disappointing, to say the very least. So, the champers is back on ice, possibly for a long time.

Go, Winston. You're our best hope, the last of the true Right...and the one person that might upset a foregone, boring and predictable conclusion.'.fingers and toes crossed. Roll on November, I just wish it could be sooner. Still, the rugby should be good...and our biggest consolation. And I don't even like rugby! It's laugh or cry, so I might as well look on the bright side. Hopefully...!

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