Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New name, new post, new President?

This is my first post in ages, just lost interest for a long while. Let's say, life got busy. Things are more settled now, thank goodness.

Have decided to rename this little-followed blog. Having voted for the Key government in 2008, I could kick myself. Overall, I am very disappointed with Key's performance and I'm surprised at how weak he and National as the govt have been, in all areas, from justice to social welfare. Also, Key comes across as too popularity focused, rather than focused on what's best for NZ.

Colin Craig comes across well, and I like what I see of the Conservative Party. Will be interesting to see what happens in 2014. I also think that David Cunliffe does a good job, and would make an excellent leader for Labour.

I am hoping for a Romney win today, but somehow, believe he will not quite get in...fingers crossed though. Roll on 2014...hoping to see a new PM for Godzone.

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