Tuesday, November 6, 2012

short story. Hunting for A Home in Paradise...

Gorgeous. The villa in the country was nothing short of fantastic, and everything that Cheryl had ever dreamed of. It had class, character, style, space. Ticked all the boxes. However, how could she ever meet the $800,000 asking price? It was situated in one of Auckland's leafy suburbs and the demand for such homes were high. Cheryl did not want to have to settle for a home in the hinterlands or some dumpy do-up just so she could say she owned it...yet barring some miracle, there was no way on earth she could ever own this, or most likely, anything remotely like it.

The Auckland property market had gone nuts, and like many of her friends, Cheryl had totally missed the boat. Damn it. The bank would loan her only up to $400,000, and that had been a push. Still, she knew she was lucky to have been offered even that. It was all very well to dream...(to be continued)...

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