Sunday, November 25, 2012

why I prefer David Cunliffe for leader.

Upon reflection, and not that I get any say, I have decided that David Cunliffe would be the more effective leader for Labour. He has worked in politics for a long time, was a Cabinet Minister and is very good in front of the camera, speaking in public, and is well liked in the New Lynn electorate. He also has experience in the real world, going by what I've read. And of course, David Cunliffe offers oodles of solid political experience.

I have nothing against David Shearer, I just feel that Cunliffe is easily the stronger performer, and is more likely to lead Labour to victory in 2014. David Shearer is nice enough, but is this enough to oust the overly popular John Key? Maybe! But I'd still put my money on David Cunllife to win.

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