Thursday, November 15, 2012

it's sad when politicians bag each other out

Saw in the Herald yesterday Peter Dunne having a go at his ex-colleague, calling him a 'serial nutter' and stating that the Conservative Party was welcome to him (believe this was over Copeland's stance on the gay marriage bill). Honestly, talk about nasty. Is Gordon Copeland not entitled to his own opinion without being taken to task by Dunne. How contemptuous, and nasty. Can't believe I ever voted for the so-called common sense United Future. Surely won't be again. And I heartily hope that come 2014, Dunners gets voted out. What I find especially repellent is the fact tht Gorden Copeland was obviously once a colleague and perhaps a good friend of Copeland.

Also, does Dunners give a monkeys as to the majority view of his electorate on the gay marriage issue?

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