Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Blast From the Past

Recently whilst watching the 1985's Live Aid concert on DVD, I was musing how fast times have changed in so shorter time. Back in 1985 things actually were simpler: only a few people owned cellphones, access to the internet was limited, no Facebook, no alcopops, no blogging, and no grunge music, not quite then.

Watching the bands of Live Aid is a jaunty blast from the past as well, from Nik Kershaw to Duran Duran, Tom Petty to David Bowie, Thompson Twins, Neil Young, Patti La Belle, The Cars. To name just a few. I dunno Those so-called New Wave acts seem breezy, happy, entertainnig. Sometimes painful. My twelve year old son thinks they're funny to watch, but I suppose my own view is aided by rose-tinted glasses that are smeared with nostalgia. No You Tube. But lots of MTV and rock videos. VHS and rental shops. Not to mention the quality BBC comedies, and the plethura of wonderful American TV shows too.

How did things ever get so complicated since then? Where did the good times go? Yep, I pine for those easier, care-free and simpler times. Must be getting old, I guess! And the pop music back then is so different to that of today. Of course, there was no The Voice or American Idol back then reality endless cooking shows...and on...and on....instead MTV,U2, A ha, Duran Duran, many good TV sitcoms and some of the best Hollywood flicks yet made. Slower times, simpler minds...a less complex world just  Climate change a term not yet coined. A different political world. I yearn for the fun, colour and simplicity of the 1980's at times. Getting old, I guess! Lady GaGa - so like Andy Warhol or David Bowie!

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