Monday, December 24, 2012

Yet Another Christmas. Merry.

A blog from a Christian Perspective, says I. Well, what I mean is, I'm learning.
The Christian path is a lifetime journey, long and curving, with many lessons along the way.
I admit, I am not much of a Church goer, I have done in the past. Does this make me less of  a true Christian?
I read the Bible often, daily is the aim, and try to learn from it.
I do sometimes go to a Bible study group, for the interaction and sharing of thoughts. For the learning.
I try to live the Christian lifestyle, to follow the golden rule of kindness, the do unto others rule.
Try to give away what I can and to close my eyes to our Materialistic world.
Trying to make my time here worthwhile and to be friends with a broad spectrum of people.
In New Zealand,  I know that we live in a paradise and are very lucky.
Try to remember this.

Merry Christmas, the day that is all about the birth of Christ. I try my best not to get too distracted, but I know I often fail!!

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