Monday, December 10, 2012

Patience is a virtue, especially at this time of year

Christmas time can be such a rush, can't it. That is, a stressful rush, fulled with ever-eager retailers, bustling shoppers, loud music, rush, rush rush, busy roads, busy schools, a busy community. It can all get to be too much, the work functions, the school concerts, the church functions even. The shopping especially, is to be avoided, but this is not often possible. So, patience is the key. I have already witnessed several altercations, just in there any need for this? Just count to ten, get out early if at all possible and just laugh it all off. I love Christmas, just not the stress! So, take a deep breath, make time for a sit down, a coffee and tea, and remember the spirit of the Season. Ho Ho. Patience. Always a good thing!

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