Saturday, December 8, 2012

what is the point? Free speech compromised.

What is the point of being a party member if you are not really welcomed into the party except for receiving of the odd donation or the odd invite to the occasional event?

What is the point of being a party member if your anon but subtle and rather ordinary comments are not welcomed onto party blogsites, or if overly critical comments are not welcomed, or if your cover is compromised or uncovered? I don't have a problem with anon comments myself, as long as they're not rude ones. In fact, the more comments the better, it keeps life interesting.

If a party, or certain MP's of a party want to curb free speech, and especially the free speech of its own membership, what does that say about said party? If one can't contribute to discourse safely, and if one doesn't feel safe in the murky internet world, then I sure as heck don't feel like turning up at real-life party events.. I for one feel compromised on a certain party website, have noticed oddities and infringements and therefore prefer to stay away.

Is this any way to promote either the party cause or what they, this particular party, say that they stand for? Is this the way to gain and retain new or returning members? Is this any way to be fair and reasonable and inclusive to all? Yet I believe in the beliefs (a fair go for all, the working class roots etc) of the party, most of them that is. But I don't feel very wanted, and especially not on the party blog.  A shame. It could be so different. Generally, I do find the right wing blogs to be more open and more fun. I can't be bothered participating if robust and healthy debate is going to squashed rather than encouraged. They are shooting the messenger it seems, when they don't agree with the message. Free speech and healthy, robust debate should be more important than petty-minded, inner-party politics, should it not?

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